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The SENS-RDR sensitivity reader is a tool to measure the sensitivity of i3 smoke detectors and 100 series conventional smoke detectors (only models 2151 and 2151T manufactured after April 2006). It CANNOT be used on the 200, 300, 400, 500, or 800 Series detectors.

NOTICE: This manual shall be left with the owner/user of this equipment.

IMPORTANT: Use of the SENS-RDR is designed to “...assure that each smoke detector is within its listed and marked sensitivity range...” per NFPA 72.

The SENS-RDR CANNOT, however, initiate a detector/sensor alarm. Sensitivity testing shall not be used as a substitute for smoke entry testing.


This battery-powered device has an infrared optical interface for reading data automatically sent by the smoke detector every ten seconds. The SENS-RDR decodes the sensitivity and status data and displays the information on its LCD.

The SENS-RDR may be used either as a hand-held device or with a standard threaded extension pole.

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