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The SIGA-CT1 Single Input Module is an addressable device used to connect a Class B initiating device circuit (IDC) to a Signature loop controller. Get to know its specifications, including operating voltage, current, circuit resistance, wire sizes, and more.Edwards SIGA-CT1
Edwards Edwards SIGA-CT1
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Mircom MIX-101P Intelligent Priority Mini Module
Mircom Mircom MIX-101P Intelligent Priority Mini Module
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Silent Knight SD500-MIM
Silent Knight Silent Knight SD500-MIM
Sale price$253.90 Regular price$290.17
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Edwards SIGA-CT2Edwards SIGA-CT2
Edwards Edwards SIGA-CT2
Sale price$80.47 Regular price$91.97
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Firelite CMF-300Firelite CMF-300
Firelite Firelite CMF-300
Sale price$103.80 Regular price$115.35
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Silent Knight SD500-AIMSilent Knight SD500-AIM
Silent Knight Silent Knight SD500-AIM
Sale price$261.91 Regular price$299.33
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Mircom MIX-M500RAP Relay Control Module
Mircom Mircom MIX-M500RAP Relay Control Module
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Siemens HTRI-D Dual Input ModuleSiemens HTRI-D Dual Input Module
Siemens Siemens HTRI-D Dual Input Module
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Simplex 4090-9051Simplex 4090-9051
Simplex Simplex 4090-9051
Sale price$55.66 Regular price$61.86
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Siemens FS-TRI-SSiemens FS-TRI-S
Siemens Siemens FS-TRI-S
Sale price$285.00 Regular price$325.72
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Edwards F-DACTEdwards F-DACT
Edwards Edwards F-DACT
Sale price$273.70 Regular price$312.80
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Silent Knight SD500-LIMSilent Knight SD500-LIM
Silent Knight Silent Knight SD500-LIM
Sale price$341.36 Regular price$390.12
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Firelite 4XTMF
Firelite Firelite 4XTMF
Sale price$141.78 Regular price$162.04
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Simplex 4100-5005Simplex 4100-5005
Simplex Simplex 4100-5005
Sale price$291.66 Regular price$324.07
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Edwards SIGA-MM1Edwards SIGA-MM1
Edwards Edwards SIGA-MM1
Sale price$56.13 Regular price$64.15
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Edwards SIGA-CREdwards SIGA-CR
Edwards Edwards SIGA-CR
Sale price$109.90 Regular price$122.13
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Secutron MRI-M501MSecutron MRI-M501M
Secutron Secutron MRI-M501M
Sale price$85.68 Regular price$97.92
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Napco Napco GEMC-F8ZCPIM
Sale price$67.65 Regular price$77.32
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Siemens HTRI-M Intelligent Interface ModuleSiemens HTRI-M Intelligent Interface Module
Siemens Siemens HTRI-M Intelligent Interface Module
Sale price$168.86 Regular price$187.64
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Simplex 4905-9816 Truealert Adapter, Addressable
Simplex Simplex 4905-9816 Truealert Adapter, Addressable
Sale price$121.56 Regular price$138.92
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Wheelock PS-EXP
Wheelock Wheelock PS-EXP
Sale price$125.51 Regular price$143.44
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Firelite ECC-XRM-70VFirelite ECC-XRM-70V
Firelite Firelite ECC-XRM-70V
Sale price$261.40 Regular price$298.74
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Hochiki DCP-DIMMHochiki DCP-DIMM
Hochiki Hochiki DCP-DIMM
Sale price$143.64 Regular price$164.16
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Mircom MIX-M500SAP
Mircom Mircom MIX-M500SAP
Sale price$99.75 Regular price$114.00
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