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Protectowire PHSC-155-XCR-MProtectowire PHSC-155-XCR-M
Protectowire Protectowire PHSC-155-XCR-M
Sale price$1,205.40 Regular price$1,377.60
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Protectowire PHSC-190-EPC 500 FtProtectowire PHSC-190-EPC 500 (Feet)
Protectowire Protectowire PHSC-190-EPC 500 (Feet)
Sale price$917.28 Regular price$1,048.32
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Protectowire PWSC
Protectowire Protectowire PWSC
Sale price$14.85 Regular price$17.28
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Protectowire PM-3B
Protectowire Protectowire PM-3B
Sale price$1.63 Regular price$1.90
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Protectowire PM-3AProtectowire PM-3A
Protectowire Protectowire PM-3A
Sale price$1.00 Regular price$1.14
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Protectowire PHSC-356-EPC 500FT Linear Heat Detector WireProtectowire PHSC-356-EPC 500FT Linear Heat Detector Wire
Protectowire Protectowire PHSC-356-EPC 500FT Linear Heat Detector Wire
Sale price$441.96 Regular price$505.09
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Protectowire PHSC-220-XCR 500 FtProtectowire PHSC-220-XCR 500 Ft
Protectowire Protectowire PHSC-220-XCR 500 Ft
Sale price$1,286.89 Regular price$1,470.73
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Protectowire PHSC-220-EPCProtectowire PHSC-220-EPC
Protectowire Protectowire PHSC-220-EPC
Sale price$1,129.59 Regular price$1,290.96
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Protectowire PHSC-190-XCR 500 FtProtectowire PHSC-190-XCR (500 Feet)
Protectowire Protectowire PHSC-190-XCR (500 Feet)
Sale price$1,521.98 Regular price$1,739.40
Re-stocking soon
Protectowire PHSC-155-XCRProtectowire PHSC-155-XCR
Protectowire Protectowire PHSC-155-XCR
Sale price$1,005.00 Regular price$1,148.57
In stock
Protectowire PHSC-155-EPC Linear Heat Detector 500 FtProtectowire PHSC-155-EPC (500 Feet)
Protectowire Protectowire PHSC-155-EPC (500 Feet)
Sale price$991.15 Regular price$1,132.74
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Protectowire PHSC-135-XLT 500 FtProtectowire PHSC-135-XLT 500 Ft
Protectowire Protectowire PHSC-135-XLT 500 Ft
Sale price$1,334.33 Regular price$1,524.95
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Protectowire SR-502-NProtectowire SR-502-N
Protectowire Protectowire SR-502-N
Sale price$9.75 Regular price$11.15
In stock
Protectowire ELR-4-QC-MPProtectowire ELR-4-QC-MP
Protectowire Protectowire ELR-4-QC-MP
Sale price$45.61 Regular price$52.13
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Protectowire ELR-HD-4-QCProtectowire ELR-HD-4-QC
Protectowire Protectowire ELR-HD-4-QC
Sale price$259.62 Regular price$302.22
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