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Product Overview
The System Sensor P2RH-LF is a low frequency sounder and low frequency sounder strobe that was part of the SpectrAlert Advance series. The product was designed to meet the NFPA 72 sleeping space requirements that require a low frequency notification appliance. The P2RH-LF operates within the frequency range of 520 Hz +/- 10% and has a square wave tone. The device is tamper-resistant, with a plug-in design that minimizes intrusion into the back box, making installation fast and foolproof while virtually eliminating costly and time-consuming ground faults. The P2RH-LF also features field-selectable candela settings on wall units (135, 150, 177, and 185), a rotary switch for low frequency sounder tones, and a universal mounting plate for wall units that simplifies installation and protects devices from construction damage. Additionally, the mounting plate shorting spring checks wiring continuity before device installation, making it even easier to install. The P2RH-LF is electrically compatible with legacy SpectrAlert devices and compatible with the MDL3 sync module. It is listed for ceiling or wall mounting. Please note that this product is discontinued, and a suggested replacement is available (Anixter# 9876980).

Main Features
UL Listed: S4011 (sounder), S5512 (strobe)
MEA Listed: MEA452-05-E
FM Approved: 3047563
CSFM: 7135-1653:0223; 7125-1653:0224

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