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Simplex 4906-9251 TrueAlert Multi-Tapped Speaker with Multi-Candela Wall Speaker Strobe Red 0743275

The Simplex 4906-9251 provides convenient installation to standard electrical boxes with extensions.

The strobe is individually address and individually controlled with power, supervision, control supplied from Simplex fire alarm control units providing. See TrueAlert strobe LEGACY compatibility reference for additional information. Besides, speakers are wire separately.

In general, Simplex 4906-9251 provides visible notification using a single two-wire circuit that also confirms connection to the individual notification appliance’s electronic circuit.

This operation increases circuit supervision integrity by providing supervision that extends beyond the appliance wiring connections.

Also, with separate controls on the same two-wire SLC; installation time and expense for both retrofit and new construction can be significantly reduced. When Class B wiring is used, wiring can be T-tapped, allowing more savings in the distance, wire, conduit (size and utilization), and overall installation efficiency.

Furthermore, the use of the magnet test feature improves installation efficiency. TrueAlert device reports conveniently identify information about each connected appliance.


  • Multi-candela xenon strobe with synchronized 1 Hz flash rate and with intensity programmable from the control unit or jumper selected as 15 cd, 30 cd, 75 cd, or 110 cd
  • Advanced addressable notification controlled by IDNAC SLCs providing regulated 29 VDC allowing strobes to operate with lower current even under battery backup
  • Wiring supervision to each strobe allowing T-tapped connections for Class B circuits to simplify wiring
  • Compatibility with ADA requirements

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