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Overview of Simplex 4098-9755 

The Simplex 4098-9756 Duct Sensor Housing is a 4-wire device designed for monitoring the presence of smoke in air ducts.

It is compatible with various Simplex fire alarm control panels, including the 4007ES, 4008, 4010, 4010ES, 4020, 4100, 4100ES, 4100E, and 4120. It can also be used with the 2120 CDT if configured for MAPNET II and TrueAlarm operation.

This compact sensor housing features a clear cover that allows for visual inspection of the unit. It includes a factory-installed TrueAlarm photoelectric smoke sensor, which provides accurate and reliable smoke detection. The sensor's information is processed by the host control panel to determine its status.

The sensor values are transmitted digitally via IDNet or MAPNET II, which are 2-wire communication protocols. This enables the control panel to receive and interpret the analog sensor data. The sensitivity of the sensor can be programmed, ensuring consistent accuracy in detecting smoke. The system also compensates for environmental factors and monitors the accumulation of dirt on the sensor.

The Model 4098-9755 is a basic duct sensor housing that does not include a relay output. It is powered by IDNet/MAPNET II communications.

General features

of the Simplex 4098-9756 Duct Sensor Housing include UL listing to Standard 268A for fire alarm devices, a clear cover for visual inspection, test ports for functional smoke testing with the cover in place, and the ability to mount on rectangular or round ducts with minimum sizes of 8" (203 mm) square or 18" (457 mm) diameter. The housing also includes a magnetic test feature for initiating an alarm directly at the housing. Additionally, there is an optional weatherproof enclosure available for separate purchase, providing protection in outdoor installations (refer to data sheet S4098-0032 for more information).

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