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The Siemens ILI-1 Intelligent Detector is compatible with Fire Safety SensorLINK FPI-32 or DPU field programmer/tester.

Is a compact, portable, menu-driven accessory that makes programming and testing detectors faster, easier, and more reliable than other methods. The FPI-32 eliminates the cumbersome, unreliable mechanical programming methods and reduces installation and service costs by programming addresses.

Additionally, this Model ILI-series detectors provide an extremely high degree of resistance to RFI, EMI, and humidity, Each detector utilizes a state-of-the-art Motorola microprocessor with ‘on-board’ electrically erasable programmable read-only memory. The microprocessor provides the power to perform error checks; to operate the detector’s sophisticated detection and to supervise algorithms.

The detector’s microcomputer chip has the capacity of storing, in memory, identification information as well as important operating status information such as assigned alarm threshold and trouble threshold values. In addition, also, the Siemens ILI-1 Detector use their microcomputer chip can communicate in either of the two protocols. One protocol type was use when the ILI Series detectors communicate with the MXL and IXL control panels. In Addition, the addressable ionization detector shall incorporate a custom microprocessor-based integrated circuit which shall provide communication with its compatible control panel. All of the detector’s communication circuits will be containe within the detector. No communication electronics or address identification mechanisms will be containe within the detector’s base. The detector will be dynamically supervising and uniquely identifiable by the control panel. The control.

The base assembly in which the detector is install, must be of the twist-lock design with screw-clamp terminals. Also, the base shall use self-wiping contacts and shall accept other compatible plug-in detectors. A locking mechanism shall be installed in those areas where the tamper-resistant installation is required.

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